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Top 10 Reasons to Travel to Baku in the Summer

Hello Traveler!

It’s time to go on a Summer vacation. So have you planned your trip or are you still confused, about where to go? What could be a better place to travel than Baku in Summer? You will never regret the experience of the skyline of Downtown, Baku. 

Lapwings Knows the Trip You Dream!

Baku, The capital city of Azerbaijan, is everything you want in your dream trip to explore. Rich and unique history, lip-smacking food and wine, sight scenes, fantastic nightlife and yes how can we forget adventurous activities? Baku is the best place to travel from April to October. Come let us tell you why.

  1. NightLife in Baku: Baku’s Nightlife in summer is the whole festive vibe you crave. The bright sparkling towers of glass, and steel and expensive sightseeing are a catch-all at Baku right after sunset. Also, You can’t take your eyes off the charming flame towers at night. 
  1. Beach Vacation on the Caspian Sea: Summer without a beach is like a tree without flowers. The Caspian coast has sandy gloomy beaches such as Shikhov Beach, Bilgah Beach and Amburan Beach, away from the bustling city, where you can enjoy with your loved ones. You can enjoy swimming and sunbathing in the mild weather. 
  1. Summer Concerts: You can enjoy amazing concerts by popular artists. In 2024, 8th June (The Blaze), 15th June (Whitesqaure) and 29 June (Okaber) are live concerts. 
  1. Little Venice: Boulevard at Baku gives you a whole Venice Vibe. You will find water attractions and a romantic Italy Vibe there. The area is dotted with amusement parks, cafes, fountains etc. 
  1. Old Town: Explore the UNESCO-listed old city. Beautiful narrow alleys, historical sites like the Maiden Tower and Shirvanshah’s Palace. Also, you can enjoy shopping and outdoor cafes. 
  1. Azerbaijani Cuisines and Outdoor Dinings: Summer is perfect for enjoying delicious national cuisines such as pilaf, dolma, kebab, and fresh seafood at outdoor cafes or streets. 
  1. Carpet Museum: This museum is designed uniquely as a white rolled carpet. This is considered the biggest and most attractive carpet of distinct styles. 
  1. Social Media Spots: These modern architectural wonders look spectacular in summer with clear skies. Hyder Aliyev Centre and Baku Crystal Hall are some of the most popular Instagrammable locations. 
  1. Vibrant Street Life: During summer, the colourful streets of Baku give you a lively experience. You will enjoy street performers, local markets, outdoor artistic setups and many more. 
  1. Cultural Heritage Sites: Don’t forget to visit rich heritage sites such as Gobustan National Park with its old rock carvings and the Ateshgah Fire Temple. During summer, the pleasant weather makes your visit worthwhile. 

So, have you packed your bags? 

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